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Journal of Behavioral Health

Journal of Behavioral Health (JBH) is a platform for high-quality, scientific articles in order to provide opportunity for authors around the world to publish their discoveries and empirical, theoretical, and alternative views on the maintenance of health and the prevention of illness by a variety of self-initiated activities individually or collectively under the peer-review system. JBH also examines the all aspects of health education and social-behavioral interventions.

In details topics are;

behavioral change interventions for individual or community,
health behaviour
health seeking behavior,
health education,
health communication,
health promotion
methods for changing behaviour,
tobacco use/cessation/policy,
drug/alcohol use,reducing or stopping alcohol,
self management,
self control,
self initiated behavior for avoiding health risks,
risk control,
risk perception,
a healthy relationship in the workplace,
addressing family problems,
work-related stress,
interpersonal conflict
obesity treatment,weight management,
physical activity and time use, diet/eating disorders,
children/adolescent /youth health and media,  
disability and behaviour problems,
social psychology,

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