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National Journal of Integrated Research in Medicine

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National Journal of Integrated Research in Medicine (NJIRM) is a quarterly, indexed, peer-reviewed, open-access, international medical journal eISSN:  0975-9840, pISSN:  2230 - 9969  Online at www.njirm.pbworks.com.

Types of articles: In each issue, we publish articles under certain types/ sections. The types of articles we publish are as follows: Editorials, Original research/studies, Case notes, Review articles,  Medical education, Student NJIRM, Letters to the editor

Manuscript submission: Authors are requested to see ‘instruction to author’ on www.njirm.pbworks.com before submitting article. Authors must submit manuscripts in prescribed template available on www.njirm.pbworks.comIt is must to Submit your article to using Scopemed.org, you can send copy to njirmeditor@yahoo.com for online submission. Decisions will be made as rapidly as possible as the journal strives to return reviewers’ comments to authors within 4 weeks.

Colour online: We are usually able to substitute colour versions of illustrations in the online journal at no cost. Authors wishing to take advantage of this facility are asked to submit a high quality colour image file for producing it electronically during their initial submission. NJIRM reserves the right whether or not to accept color work that is not submitted in the format described above.