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Pakistan Journal of Nuclear Medicine

Pakistan Journal of Nuclear Medicine (PJNM) is an international peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing research, review, case reports and images in the field of Nuclear Medicine. 

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  • You can choose special issue for your submission after starting the submission process. 
  • Log into journal system author account --> Submit a manuscript --> Accept Terms and conditions, --> Choose Article Type --> Choose if you would like to submit to a special issue. 

Thyroid insights: The special issue on thyroid problems by PJNMed aims to explore the latest research, advancements, and challenges in thyroid health. It will cover a broad range of topics, including thyroid dysfunction, innovative treatment approaches, the impact of thyroid disorders on overall health, and emerging trends in thyroid disease management. This issue seeks to gather insights from research studies, clinical trials, and reviews to enhance understanding and improve patient care in the field of Thyroidology. 

Guest Editors:

Dr Farkhanda Gillani

Dr Tania Jabbar

  • Please don't include Title Page or the author information and affiliations in the main text file of the manuscript. Submit the Title Page as a separate document. This is to ensure blind peer-review.
  • During the first time submission, you may include all the figures in the main text document of your manuscript, but it is recommended to provide high-resolution images (more than 600 dpi .tiff format) and attach them separately for production purpose.