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Jordanian Journal of Computers and Information Technology

  • The JJCIT is a peer-reviewed and open access journal.
  • The JJCIT does not charge any fees for submitting manuscripts or publishing accepted papers.

  • Each submitted paper is reviewed by 'at least' three reviewers who are experts in the relevant subject area.

  • All submissions to the Journal should be in English language and uploaded to the Journal Manger available at:

  • Each submission will undergo through specialized software to check plagiarism and verify its originality. Authors found to contravening the submission guidelines on originality and exclusivity shall not be considered for future publication in the JJCIT and their home institutions will be notified. 

  • It is the JJCIT’s policy to reject all submissions found to contain duplication and/or repetition of previously published work.

  • Original papers, not considered for publication anywhere else, can be submitted as a single Word file that includes all text, figures, tables, references …etc. Each submitted paper should follow the margins, fonts, captions, and general format indicated in the template: Template for MS Word. The length of the paper should not exceed 16 pages.

  • Papers must be clearly written in English. The text should be presented on A4 or an equivalent size.

  • The submitted manuscript should contain the following: the full title of the article, a complete list of authors and their affiliations and addresses, the main text, all figures and tables and the list of references.

  • The corresponding author should be identified. She/he should also provide her/his postal and e-mail addresses.

  • The corresponding author needs to print out the copyright form, have it signed by all authors, scanned and uploaded to the Journal Manger along with the manuscript file.

  • As soon as the review process is completed, if the manuscript is accepted for publication, a DOI will be assigned to the manuscript and it will be published online. The accepted paper will appear in a printed version of the journal in the next issue.


References should be cited in the main text.  The full references should be given as below (essentially IEEE format), in the order in which they are cited, in 10 pt. Times New Roman, with a 6 pt spacing between each.

[1]    N. Szabo and R. Tanaka, Residue Arithmetic and Its Applications to Computer Technology, New York: McGraw Hill, 1967.

[2]    J. Bajard, L. Didier and P. Kornerup, "An RNS Montgomery Modular Multiplication Algorithm," IEEE Trans. Computers, vol. 47, no. 7, pp. 766-776, July 1998.

[3]    J. Wolf and K. Pattipati, "A File Assignment Problem Model for Extended Local Area Network Environments," Proc. 10th Int'l conf. Distributed Computing Systems, pp. 221-230, 1990.

[4]    J. O. Williams, Narrow-band Analyzer, Ph.D. dissertation, Dept. Elect. Eng., Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA, 1993.

[5]    M. Kesler, "Highly Resonant Wireless Power Transfer in Subsea Applications," Colin McCarthy WiTricity Corporation, [Online], Available:

[6], "Resonant Inductive coupling," [Online], Available:

Copyright Form:

  • The author(s) of each manuscript has (have) to submit the copyright form confirming that the submitted paper was neither published nor submitted or accepted for publication, either in whole or part, anywhere else.

  • Copyright form