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Journal of Research and Education in Indian Medicine (Est.1982)

Journal of Research & Education in Indian Medicine ISSN 0970-7700 (www.jreim-ayushjournal.com) and (http://www.jreim.com), is UGC Approved,*  quarterly peer-reviewed international journal. *JREIM is  included in UGC approved List of Journals, recently published by University Grant Commission (UGC) India, for the purpose of Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) and Direct Recruitment of Teachers and other academic staff as required under the UGC. [Refer- Clause 6.05 (1) of the University Grants Commission (Minimum Qualifications for appointment of Teacher and Other Academic Staff in  Universities and Colleges and Measures for the Maintenance of  Standards in Higher Education  (4th Amendment), Regulations, 2016]

JREIM (Jour Res Edca Indian Med) - established and launched in 1982 by a group of dedicated academicians and researchers of Ayurveda, Biomedical Sciences and allied disciplines under the dynamic leadership of Padamshree Prof. K. N. Udupa, the than Director, Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi (India),  bridged the gap of closure of the CCRIM&H, CCRAS / Govt. of India funded "Journal of Research in Indian Medicine &H".  JREIM was independently conceived, edited  by a group of Academicians and Scientists from Banaras School of Indian Medicine, and published without any financial assistance of  CCRIM&H, CCRAS, BHU  or any other funding agency. JREIM has maintained and is  enjoying its non-aligned and independent  academic status.
For JREIM;  the sole criterion for publishing is academic and scientific accuracy. This deemed independence and academic status is the out come of work culture inculcated by our Founder Sr. Chief Editor, Padamshree Prof. K. N. Udupa and associated founder Editorial Team. 

JREIM was aimed  to aid the dissemination of important researches and theoretical works in different areas of common interest to the educators, researchers, specialized and general therapists of Indian Medicine, which includes Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy (AYUSH), Integrative Medicine,  Biomedical Sciences, CAM,  and other Traditional / Alternative / Oriental Systems of Medicine in general and Clinical research, researches on Medicinal Plants / Herbs, Spices,and Pharmaceutical sciences in particular.

The inaugural issue (Jan.-March 1982) of JREIM was released by Dr. Sombhong Kutranon, Regional Director, W.H.O. during International conference on “Role of Practitioners of Indian Medicines in Primary Health Care” at Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, 20-22 February’ 1982. 

The Editors, invite for  review and rapid publication original papers/  manuscripts reporting systematic studies and research in which
at-least one variable in concerned with Indian Medicine (AYUSH)  research and education, Inntegrative Medicine and also Bio-medical services.

Editors are equally interested in receiving significant and theoretical contributions. Additional features will include: Book Reviews, proceedings of symposia, monograph supplements, details of research (planned and progress), correspondence.  Information for Contributors Research Papers/ review articles / contributions for editorial consideration and can be uploaded via  following link
http://www.jreim-ayushjournal.com   or    http://my.ejmanager.com/jreim  and further via the button--- SUBMIT MANUSCRIPT.     

In case of any casual difficulty, authors can also e-mail their manuscripts along with above obligatory documents (on JREIM TEMPLATES)  to the Editor on e-mail ID   prof.suresh.india@gmail.com  with cc to editor@jreim.com

New Authors are also requested to email Their Academic and professional CV to editor on the TEMPLATE available on link
http://www.ejmanager.com/mnstemps/82/stdfls/3.JREIM TEMPLATE CV of Author with Publication detail.doc

Authors are required to  DOWNLOAD  following OBLIGATORY DOCUMENTS number 1 to 4  and keep them ready before starting
ONLINE SUBMISSION  via  the lnk  

(For any assistance Contact   Editor via email - editor@jreim.com or JREIM Office  Mobile - 09816043362   and 09305180763)

1. JREIM-Authors Declaration Form-2017.docx 29 KB October 18 2017 23:37 http://www.ejmanager.com/mnstemps/82/stdfls/1. JREIM-Authors Declaration Form-2017.docx  
2. JREIM Abstract and References sheets 2017 NEW Format.doc 481 KB October 18 2017 23:46 http://www.ejmanager.com/mnstemps/82/stdfls/2. JREIM Abstract and References sheets 2017 NEW Format.doc  
3. JREIM -CV of Corresponding Authors with full publication details.doc 249 KB October 18 2017 23:24 http://www.ejmanager.com/mnstemps/82/stdfls/3. JREIM -CV of Corresponding Authors with full publication details.doc  
4. JREIM -2017 NEW template Main article -Blinded for uploading online_(v2r)_.doc 74 KB October 18 2017 23:34 http://www.ejmanager.com/mnstemps/82/stdfls/4. JREIM -2017 NEW template Main article -Blinded for uploading online_(v2r)_.doc

Note :  Authors will need to duly complete OBLIGATORY DOCUMENTS number  1 to 4 while  uploading article/ Research paper online.

The Scopemed  Online Article Management and Review System will ask these two obligatory documents during the online submission of the manuscript.  Without  OBLIGATORY DOCUMENTS number 1 to 4 article/Manuscript uploading will remain is –“ UNCOMPLEATED SUBMISSIONS” for 20 days only.   If the submission is not completed in 20 days, the  same will be  deleted automatically from the server on 21st day.

Author Courses 

ScopeMed provide free author courses including  How to Write Scientific Papers. Visit following  web link for TSW: -

https://www.ejmanager.com/my/jreim/submit.php?isl=acourses&lng=        Tips to Scientific Writing (TSW)

For Online Submission of Manuscript  visit   the link:       http://my.ejmanager.com/jreim/     or      http://www.jreim-ayushjournal.com     Click  ONLINE SUBMISSION

It is a condition of publication that articles/manuscripts submitted in this Journal, that the this paper has not been published and will not be simultaneously submitted or published elsewhere. While submitting the articles/manuscripts on line the author agree for the same. 

By submitting manuscript, the authors agree that the copyright of their article is transferred to the publisher, if and when the article is accepted for publication.

Style of Manuscript: Articles  should be submitted on  JREIM style/Templates.  ( Can be obtained from  JREIM  by email from  Executive Editor (drlaxmibhargava@gmail.com )

To    Download JREIM Template for Authord Declaration Form   use the following link (Copy - paste in address bar)

http://www.ejmanager.com/mnstemps/82/stdfls/1. JREIM Authors Declaration Form.doc


To    Download JREIM Template for TITLE PAGE, ABSTRACT AND CHECK LISTS etc.    use the following link (Copy - paste in address bar)

http://www.ejmanager.com/mnstemps/82/stdfls/2. JREIM TITLE- Abstract and check lists.doc


 Acknowledgments: Should not be in main article file as it can reveal the authors identity to Reviewers.

NOTE: Manuscripts uploaded by others than corresponding authors or from others email IDs are not accepted.  

(Upload from your personal email ID only).

Main Manuscript: Should contain the TitleConstructed Abstract-(not exceeding 250 words), 4-6 Key words and the main text only. Tables, Figures, graphs and Photographs should also be included within this main file. 

The main article (main file sent to reviewers/referees) ) should not reveal the author's name, affiliation/workplace and address or identity in any way.

It should only contain (1) Title of the paper (2) Abstract and Keyword and (3) Main research/review paper /article/manuscript. (All Tables, Figures, graphs and Photographs should also places-at-appropriate-place-within the main article and not at the end of the manuscript).
The manuscript should  not contain any automatic formatting (except page numbers in the bottom right corner of each page).
An Abstract of 200-250 words should be included with each article, beginning on a separate page and
follow these word-count parameters: 2500-3000 for research articles and 4000 -5000 for review articles and .Maxximum1500 words for case reports.
(For abstract  and  articles download template  from   
http://www.ejmanager.com/mnstemps/82/stdfls/2. JREIM Abstract and References sheets 2017 NEW Format.doc
http://www.ejmanager.com/mnstemps/82/stdfls/4. JREIM -2017 NEW template Main article -Blinded for uploading online_(v2r)_.doc

Abstracts for research manuscripts may be prepared in a structured format, using aim, methods, results, and conclusions.
Text should begin on a separate page with title of article but not the name and address of authors.  

Word-count parameters: 
200-250 words for Abstract;  2500-3000 words for Research Articles and 4000-5000 words for Review Articles and  Maxximum1500 words for Case Reports.

References : should be in "JREIM modified PubMed style"  and cited  in alphabetical order and list placed at the end of article.  Details can be seen at following article:  at link
     6. Surgical and Para-surgical Techniques for Correction of Trichiasis and Entropion: Under-recognized Contribution of Ancient India 
     Ruby Kumar; Manoj Kumar  J Res Educ Indian Med. 2017; 23(2): 109-112  » Abstract » PDF» doi: 10.5455/JREIM.82-1504368444   
     link   https://www.ejmanager.com/fulltextpdf.php?mno=276890

Language  : English.   (Note : Sanskrit Shalokas can be published provided submitted in Hindi Font Krutidev Size 10 point  and provided as correct  printable image i.e .jpg file.  

Illustrations: Illustrations and tables accompanying manuscripts should be numbered provided with suitable legends, and marked lightly on the back with the author's name, Author should indicate on the manuscript the appropriate  positions of table (including figures/images/photographs/graphs etc) in the text.  Special arrangements must be made with the Executive Editor for, color plates/photographs/figures/graphs, or extra illustrations, and payment made in advance.

Referring Procedure To ensure fairness, each manuscript will be assessed anonymously by at least two independent reviewers. Constructive criticism provided by the assessors / reviewers will be forwarded to the author during / after the Review process.

ONLINE FIRST PUBLICATION - with in 72 hours of acceptance of paper 
[Online first papers have undergone full scientific review and copyediting, but have not been typeset or proofread. Mandatory typesetting and proofreading will commence with regular print and online publication. Volume, issue and  page numbers will then be assigned to the published article. Online first articles should be cited with the DOI link and online publication date. ]

Also see updated more  detailed  instructions  for "Manuscript Preparation" ​ and "Online Submission" in last paras of this page


JREIM charges No Publication  Fee  from Authors 

They however need to contribute Nominal Charges for using the eJManager (ScopeMed) online services. Accordingly all the authors are required to contribute a nominal charges of US$ 9 only per uploaded article for using advanced version of "eJManager OnLine article management system of  ScopeMed/ [http://www.ejmanager.com/my/jreim], a Service of eJManager LLC Publishing for Scientific Publications.  Copyright © ScopeMed®  - International Medical Journal Management  System .

Mode of Payment:  Corresponding author has to contribute US$ 9/-  (about IRs. 585/-) through direct  online payment   to  eJManager via   PayPal  in account of  "paypal@scopemed.org"   ( see below  for details) 

Note: Although the currency for payment to eJManager (paypal@scopemed.org) is US Dollar, Authors  can change the currency during online payment process  
when using Cradit/Debit/ATM card ( like VISA / MasterCard) or via PayPal. 

DOI Assignment :  DOI assignment via ScopeMed / CrossRef.$

$ DOI Assignment contribution by author :  Indian Rs.250/- (Indian Rupees Two hundred  fifty Only)  to be contributed by author for each  accepted articles / paper for DOI assignment before publication / online First Publication. Author from other countries can depasit US $ 4/- (US4 Four only) via  Paypal to the Account of  " paypal@scopemed.org "

 DOI Assignment Fee : Payments can be transfered directly in Journal’s bank Account online :    Mentioned below are the modes of payments.
Online payment NEFT / RTGS /  from any Bank  (Cheque/DD/ cash are not accepted) 

Precessing Charges
There is no article processing charges (APCs) 
BUT, if the reviewer(s) and/or editor(s) suggest that article requires additional "Job Work" (Grammatical, Language, Tables,Image improve etc), author may be charged for this article improving process depending upon market rates from time to time.

Beneficiary/Name on the Account:  Journal of Research and Education in Indian Medicine 
Type of Account : Current  Account
MCA Current A/C No  : 10654902251 
Branch :  State Bank of India, BHU, Varanasi Branch (00211)   
Branch Code: 00211
 IFS Code: SBIN 0000 211  
MICR - 221002003.

The deposit  proof/receipt be  emailed  to   drlaxmibhargava@gmail.com 


J Res Educ Indian Med  Online  First
Online First Articles -  are accepted, peer reviewed manuscripts – placed  (Published) online immediately after acceptance that are  
citable using DOI number
 as published  on-line.  See link     http://www.jreim-ayushjournal.com/?iid=aip

Online First Articles - publication and online circulation is in the best interest of the author(s).  
As their papers are treated as published from the date of Online First appearance on the
and   http://www.scopemed.org/?jid=82&iid=aip&lng=
  -  List Articles from Journal of Research and Education in Indian Medicine (Estt.1982)


Copyright of all material is held by the JREIM. The editors, editorial board, sponsoring organizations, and publisher do not accept responsibility for the statements expressed by authors in their contributions.

BOOK REVIEW :  One hard copy of library edition of the Book for consideration of Review  should be sent  to the Execitive Editor, JREIM  on the Varanasi admin office address (see below).    An additional e-book if available for sale should also be emailed to email ID  editor@jreim.com.   One page 6.2 X 9 inches print area  book review willbe published on  JREIM Book Review Template  ( http://www.jreim.com/Book-Review-Template.doc   

REVIEW PROCESS : Visit www.jreim.com/  to see the REVIEW Process   ( heep://www.jreim.com/ Review-Process.pdf )  

PROOFS:  Proofs will be emailed to the author(s) still the typed scripts on MS Word should be carefully checked before submission. Major Changes at the stage of proofing will invite appropriate prorata charges.

Reprints : Reprints can be ordered on payment after the paper is accepted for publication.

FOR MORE DETAILS AUTHORS ARE requested to refer to please visit : 
http://www.nlm.nih.gov/bsd/uniform_requirements.html    for Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Bio-medical Journals 

SAMPLE COPY  :  Free soft sample (full pdf copy) of the JREIM with cover can be down loaded from the link:  http://www.jreim.com          See Home Page of WWW.JREIM.COM

HELP LINE CONTACT NUMBERS:  +91 9305180763  Varanasi (India

VARANASI Head Office:  
Dr. ( Mrs) Laxmi Bhargava, PH D (BHU), Executive Editor,  
JREIM  Admin Office:  B 29/19 Lanka, Sankat Moacha  Road
O: BHU, Varanasi 221005 UP India

Help Line Contact Numbers:   +91 9305180763   Varanasi

Himachal Pradesh  Editorial Office: 
Prof.(Dr) Suresh Kumar, MD, Ph D (BHU),
Editor-in-chief  [
Founder Editor- JREIM (Est. 1982)]
AYURVEDA BHAWAN, No.115 Ward-5, Shiv Nager,
Near HP Govt PWD Rest House, Main Bazar Hamirpur-177001 HP (India

eMail :editor-in-chief@jreim.com   /  prof.suresh.india@gmail.com

JREIM important websites URL -  

UGC Approved: Journal No 49261

Please Register as 

ANNUAL SUBCRIPTIONS - 2018 and onwards

The Journal of Research and Education in Indian Medicine (Estt.1982) 
ISSN 0970-7700 Varanasi (India)          

Annual Subscription for Print  version - with effect from  January 2018 onward

Libraries and Institutions :  Overseas US$ 600/- (Foreign)*   Individual :  US$ 450/- (Foreign)* # 
(Institutional subscription  is applicable to Libraries, Colleges, Hospitals, Associations, Organizations and Companies)
(# Individual Overseas Subscriptions should be made through  Individual mode of Payments (NEFT/ Electronic transfer/ via Indivisual Cradit / Dabit Card)

Libraries and Institutions Indian :  Rs. 6000/*-(India ) 
Indivisuals/ UG/PG/PhD Students:  Free online at  www.jreim-ayushjournal.com    
Specific Single copy :  Rs.1500/- (India) US$ 150/- (Foreign)*  
Authors copy :   Rs.1500/- (India)  US$ 100/- (Foreign)*  
*  Above rates are exclusive of postage.  Please add Rs.300/-extra for Registered postage and packing in India (Rs 500/- for Speed post Delivery) and 
*  US Dollars 100.00 (Air Mail Registered delivery outside India)

Subscription  Payment :   Payment through NEFT/ RTGS/ Electronic Fund transfer - Annual Subscription can be deposited directly in Journal’s Bank Account via NEFT / RTGS 
Bank account Details
Name of Beneficery :  The Journal of Research and Education in Indian Medicine​    (JREIM)   
Name of Bank :  State Bank of India,  BHU Varanasi Branch  
​Branch Code:     00211  
Current A/C No. 10654902251
IFS Code:          SBIN0000211  
MICR:                221002003  
The copy of NEFT/RTGS  deposit receipt be posted with subscription order to Executive Editor, at above JREIM Admin. Office address at  Varanasi (India)
Executive Editor:  Dr.(Mrs.) Laxmi Bhargava, Ph.D. (BHU)  

Varanasi Admin. Office: B 29/19 Lanka, Sankat Mochan Road,
Near Mahendravi Hostel, PO: BHU, Varanasi -221005 U.P. (India)  
E-mail: drlaxmi@jreim.com , drlaxmibhargava@gmail.com 
Mob.+91 9305180763  and  +91 9816043362

HP Editorial Office: 
AYURVEDA BHAWAN, No.115 Ward-5, Shiv Nager,
Near HP Govt PWD Rest House, Main Bazar Hamirpur-177001 HP (India)
Email :  Editor-in-chief@jreim.com, prof.suresh.india@gmail.com,  
Mobile : (+91) 9418458257,   (+91) 9736790202 (WhatsApp)
Land line :Tele Fax: (+91) 1972 221006

Updated details of Manuscript Preparation and Online Submission  ( 2018) 

Manuscript Preparation 
Manuscripts should be formatted for a 210 mm x 297 mm page with 25 mm margins on all four sides. Times New Roman 12-point is recommended for text,  tables (9 point)  and figures.

All text should be written in the third person and double-spaced flush left; avoid using tabs. Assemble sections in the following order: Title Page, Abstract, Text, Acknowledgments, References, Tables, list of titles for all Figures (typed on 1 page), and Figures.

Page numbering: Number pages consecutively (in the bottom right corner of each page), beginning with the title page.

Automatic Formatting: The manuscript should contain NO automatic formatting, Tabs and Bullets etc  (except page numbers).

Preparation of Tables: Tables should be prepared in MS word 2007 – from Insert -Tables option.  

 Size of  Tables  should be 3 inches or 6 inches wide and should not be more than 8 inches in height.  Bigger tables can be divided in to more than one part on next pages.

Font of Tables  . Times New Roman 9-point is recommended for  tables (10 point for Table Heading and  (9 point for body of Tables)  Example:   Bigger Table No 1 of three pages,  can be divided in Table 1(part 1 of 3) ; 1 (part 2 of 3)   and  1 (part 3 of 3).  

An of 250-300 words should be included with each article, beginning on a separate page.
Abstracts for research manuscripts may be prepared in a structured format, using aim, methods, results and conclusions (Preferably on  IMRAD format). Authors should use JREIM Template for Abstract. Download template for ABSTRACT from link http://www.
Text should begin on a separate page and follow these word-count parameters: 3000-4000 for research articles and  not more than 5000 for review articles.
Text for original research and short communication type articles should contain: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion and if necessary Conclusion and Acknowledments. The number of figures and tables should be in proportion to the amount of text. All research manuscripts must include (in both abstract and methods section) the year in which the data were collected and when the study/analysis was conducted.
It should be added line numbers to document. Please see to learn to how to add line numbers to word documents “Adding Line Numbers to Word Documents” on www.scopemed.org.
Manuscript Templates

481 KB
October 18 2017 23:46
http://www.ejmanager.com/mnstemps/82/stdfls/2. JREIM Abstract and References sheets 2017 NEW Format.doc
74 KB
October 18 2017 23:34
http://www.ejmanager.com/mnstemps/82/stdfls/4. JREIM -2017 NEW template Main article -Blinded for uploading online_(v2r)_.doc
For any assistance Contact   Executive Editor via email  [drlaxmi_ayush_journal@yahoo.com
JREIM Office:  Help Line Mobile Number  - (+91) 9305180763

Note :  Authors will need  these formats for  uploading article/ Research paper online (through Author LOG IN )
 via www.ejmanager.com/my/jreim  .

Case Reports:

The JREIM also accepts and publishes Brief Reports based on smaller studies, but still of interest to Scientists/Academicians and Scholars of AYUSH Medical sciences. Brief Reports should contain all the same sections as a full research paper, but be limited to 1200 words, with no more than 2-3 short tables or figures.

Acknowledgments: Acknowledgments and any necessary disclaimers should begin on a separate page, numbered in sequence following the text but before references. List sources of support in the form of grants, equipment , or drugs. Acknowledge only people who have made substantive contributions to the study.

References:  should follow  follow the JREIM modified PubMed style for AYUSH sector,  should be identified by number in the order in which they are mentioned in the text; references that apply only to tables and figures should be numbered in sequence where the text first refers to the table or figure.
Titles of journals must be abbreviated according to Index Medicus style, which can be found at http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?db=journals.
References to personal communications should be noted in the text, not in the reference list, as: (first initial, last name, affiliation, ‘personal communication,’ date).
References to software should also be noted in the text as: name of software (company, city/state, year of release).
Include among the references manuscripts accepted but not yet published; designate the journal followed by ‘In press.’

Information from manuscripts submitted but not accepted should be cited in the text as unpublished observations (in parentheses).

All reference numbers in the text must be entered in ordered that they first used in squared parentheses.


Online submission of  Manuscripts:
 Journal of Research and Education in  Indian Medicine  (J Res Educ Indian Med) ( http://www.jreim-ayushjournal.com ) accepts manuscripts electronically through the Internet-based program “Online Article Management and Publication System”  - eJM.

Authors can submit  research papers/ review articles for publication in our UGC recognized quarterly international 'Journal of Research & Education in Indian Medicine'  via http://www.ejmanager.com/my/jreim , the  online article management system of  ScopeMed, a Service of eJManager LLC Publishing for Scientific Publications. 

The  authors  will also find  instructions for submission of the manuscript at  Guide to Authors  see our website:  http://jreim-ayushjournal.com/?sec=gfa

 Authors can do all tracking and follow-up through this online system.
If you have questions about the online program, please address them to jreim@ejmanager.com

Letters to the Editor are also  welcomed for publication in JREIM.