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Welcome to  "The Scientific Avenue for Comprehending the Knowledge of Traditional Medicine"

 Open-access & Peer reviewed International Journal

Journal of Research in Traditional Medicine (JRTM) is a common platform for scholars and young aspirant scientists to disseminate and utilize the knowledge of recorded and researched concepts pertaining to the fundamentals of human well being.


Guidlines for Writing Articles 

1. CARE Checklist for writing Case Reports 

2. CONSORT guidleines for reporting RCT 

3. STROBE Checklist for Cross Sectional Studies 

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Journal of Research in Traditional Medicine (JRTM) is aimed at comprehending the rich knowledge of traditional medicine in an appropriate scientific manner by publishing evidence based research papers. It also aims at stimulating the aptitude of research in the minds of young health researchers and provide an insight of newer information for traditional medicine practitioners.

Currently the journal accepts articles from the field of Ayurveda, Herbal Medicine, Naturopathy-Yoga , Siddha and Unani Medicine. In future the journal plans to include other traditional systems of medicine. For the acceptance to the present rational era the journal is committed to publish quality works which strengthens the knowledge base of traditional medicine. We do not publish papers which does not provide any scientific or logical outputs.

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